Understanding how our loans work!


The installment loan solution allows you to decide how you want to structure your loan! You will be offered a payment schedule, however, you may pay off your loan in full or partially at any time without any additional fees. Simply call or email us 2 days prior to your scheduled payment. We suggest that you pay off your loan as soon as you can. Paying off your loan will save you money!

Loan Agreement

It is important that you take the time to read and understand your loan agreement as it contains important information about the terms and conditions of your loan. You will find a detailed payment schedule that shows the APR of the loan, each payment with dates, principal and fees. The loan agreement specifies all the terms and conditions of your loan.  Please do not hesitate to contact our customer service line if you have any questions regarding your loan agreement. We are here to assist.

Loan process

Once your application is submitted we kindly ask you to contact our customer service department at 1-800-501-3006 to process your application.
The underwriting process should not take longer than 30 minutes.

If your loan is approved you will receive the funds on your account either same day or next business day.



All loan applications are subject to standard underwriting to establish your ability to repay.

The underwriting department will conduct a standard underwriting process confirming the information in your application and establishing if you qualify for a loan.

Proceeding with underwriting does not guarantee a loan offer nor being approved for the amount requested.


Save on your loan

Small dollars loans are unsecured and therefore can be expensive. In order to lower to cost of your loan, we strongly advise to pay it off as soon as possible. Paying off your loan early will save you money! Our loan officers are available to assist you with any further questions that you may have. Simply call 1-800-501-3006 or email info@greenvalleycash.com


Same Day Funding

You may request same day funding by wire or by same day ACH.
Same day funding by wire requires your bank to be a member of fedwire. Not all banks are. Some banks charge an incoming wire fee. Please check with your bank. Same day wire fee is of $12.
Same day ACH deposit are not available in all states. Same day ACH deposit is free.
Next business day ACH deposit: If the application has been approved before 4PM MST you will received your funds on the next business day. Please note that no funds will be deposited on weekends or bank holidays.